Farmers Union Yogurt : Increase Children Growth


Nowadays, it is difficult to find healthy snacks and nutritious foods that are good for children. Most snacks have a high sugar and fat content. However, there are a number of delicious and delicious snack options that are sure to be your child's favourite yogurt.

Farmers Union's yogurt range for kids made from Australian milk, live cultures and contains calcium for teeth and bone growth. It is great for helping the kids to grow up.

According to Farmers Union nutritionist Rachael Adams "It's important for kids to get the calcium they need for their growing body".

I personally agree with this statement that even as an adult the calcium in the body is also needed to maintain bone health. So I really like to have this yogurt breakfast every morning at breakfast.

The Malaysian Dietary Guidelines also suggest that children and adolescents should take 2-3 servings of milk or milk products daily. So this product is ideal for taking at least 1 day a day to help promote healthy children's development.

The Farmers Union yogurt series features 4 Australian pets - kangaroo, cockatoo, platypus and koala each with a natural range of flavors: strawberries, mangoes, honey and vanilla.

Each yogurt contains no more than 100 calories per 100g of food. So it is also ideal for simple meals for parents who are on a healthy diet.

You should try all these flavors because they are delicious and nutritious.

In addition, children can see live animals before their eyes using the Augmented Reality (AR) app through a compatible mobile device. It's simple, just download the App from the AppStore or PlayStore to interact and talk with kangaroo, cockatoo, platypus and koala. It's also a great way to experience exciting and innovative technologies.

So children can not only enjoy nutritious and delicious food, but also enjoy fun activities.

This Farmers Union yogurt chain is available at all major Malaysian supermarkets such as AEON, Jaya Grocer Village, Ben Free Grocer (BIG), Giant and TESCO.

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  1. waalaikumussalam. wah sangat menarik. boleh la ke mall kat bandar besar untuk cari ni ^_^

  2. Menarik comel-comel watak karton tu... selalu beli yogurt greek nih

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