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Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive, comfortable and unique new wedding garden in Bangi by Rinching Terrace.

Located between Bangi and Kajang, Rinching Terrace Wedding & Events (Rinching Terrace) is a stylish and ideal location for exclusive wedding, social and corporate events. Located just a 10-minute drive from Bangi Golf Resort and connected to the South Main Highway, it is the Bandar Mahkota exit.

Starting in 2018, the Rinching Terrace has transformed from a jungle to a lush, exclusive, cozy and unique lush garden and is also the perfect location for a dream wedding.

Inspired by the design of nature parks and nature landscapes with beautiful and unique garden landscapes, this 7-acre land can accommodate up to 1500 guests in one event and provides complete basic amenities and comfortable surroundings with spectacular views for visitors.

The area is developed and filled with native grasslands and shrubs and is adorned with hundreds of old trees. Among the plants planted is the Orange Jasmine tree which blooms once every 3 weeks and the aroma of Jasmine fragrance can be smell throughout the car park.

Rinching Terrace provides 3 prime locations for any occasion - Rinching Terrace Glass House, Marquee Tent and Open Garden.

Rinching Terrace Glass House
The two-storey glass-walled glass house serves as the main hall and can accommodate up to 250 people in one sitting. The interior concept of this glass house features simple and modern décor. Round chandelier lamps are placed in the center of the room to provide a luxurious effect and offset by the arrangement of simple LED lights throughout the ceiling.

The Glass House is ideal for engagement parties, exclusive weddings and even corporate events such as dinner, gatherings, reunions and even family gatherings.

Covered on the ground floor of the bungalow are two rooms, a bridal room and a lounge. The spacious and comfortable bridal room is equipped with a dress cabinet, makeup desk, bed, air conditioning and an indoor bathroom.

It also provides a comfortable lounge for the bride and groom's family. The room also has a sofa, wardrobe, side table, rugs and air conditioning. There is also a toilet and a prayer room for guests in this part of the bungalow.

Marquee Tent
Adjacent to the Glass House is the Marquee Tent. The tent is intended for guests to enjoy the meal provided during the event and can accommodate 400 guests at a time.

Generally, the event will be held simultaneously in the tent for guests and the Glass House for a face-to-face dinner. However, if you intend to set up a dock in the Marquee Tent, it will not be a hindrance to talk to the Rinching Terrace.

Open Garden
This Open Garden gives the impression of a very green yet vibrant environment. This open space can accommodate up to 1000 guests in one event. Fairy-lights will also be installed if the event is held at night. Also provided is a permanent stage set up as a reception or social event.

The park is decorated with a variety of interesting ornamental trees that are among the personal favorites of the owners. Not only that, you will also be entertained by the chirping of birds, the drizzle of the water, the breeze that gives a sense of freshness, peace and tranquillity.

Interestingly in this Rinching Terrace, the whole area is exclusive to you on the day of the event and does not need to be shared with other events as the concept at Rinching Terrace is only one event at a time.

The parking lot is also very spacious and spread out so guests do not have to worry about bumps or dirty shoes when it rains.

Rinching Terrace provides three affordable special packages for customers:

Package Silver - Marquee Tent | RM38,800 for 1000 guests
Gold Packages - Glass House & Marquee Tent | RM44,800 for 1000 guests
Platinum Package: Glass House & Marquee Tent | RM51,800 for 1000 guests with extra menu and seating as well as exclusive clothing and customade.

Rinching Terrace has teamed up with the best partners in the wedding and event management industry. And so, Rinching Terrace has appointed three exclusive partners, Afkar (@afkar_katering) as the caterer for all events, Miezipro (@miezipro) as photographer and videographer and also provided the wedding album and finally SASES (@ sases.official). provides a collection of designs for bridal dresses, daisies and wedding planners.

Exclusive partner of Rinching Terrace

The Rinching Terrace is relatively new to the Wedding & Events but has many plans in the future including the construction of a homestay, providing even more facilities for guests' convenience as a one-stop wedding center in the most exclusive garden in the area.

For more information, please visit / contact:

Address :
Rinching Terrace
Rinching Hilir
43500 Kajang, Selangkor
Contact : Mrs. Mira | 019 390 8527
Email : rinchingterrace@gmail.com

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