Enjoying Saturday Hawker Night at Grand Blue Wave Hotel Shah Alam


Last Saturday, I had a great time attending Saturday Hawker Night at the Grand Blue Wave Hotel Shah Alam. Undoubtedly, the Grand Blue Wave Hotel Shah Alam is one of my favorite hotels in terms of staycation and dining. And this time, the Royale Songket Restaurant features a stall-concept buffet called Saturday Hawker Night, which runs every Saturday.

There are more than 10 stalls featuring different concepts along with a variety of dishes and snacks such as Arabic Tent, Bluewaves Delicacies, Night Hawker, Little India, Texas Ranch, Penang Street, Italian Corner, Mrs Street, China Town, Gerai Sup and Dessert Corner.

Guests can start by having dinner at the Arab Tent stall, Shawarma menu with Bread and Naan Bread. At Hawker Night booths, there is John's Bread, Crocodile Crab, Popiah Fried and Celup-Celup while various fries are available at the BlueWave Delicacies booth. To add to the excitement, Indian cuisine is also offered at one of the stalls, Little India. Among the menu items are Roti Canai, Vadei, Marukku, Dhall, Fish Curry, Lamb Curry, Turmeric Fried Cabbage, Daging Masak Hitam, Spicy Fried Chicken, Sambal, Papadom and White Rice.

For Western food lovers like me, I highly recommend Foot Long sausage and Pizza at the Texas Ranch booth. Some of my favorites that I picked up repeatedly were E-Olio Pasta, Bolognese Sauce and Cream Cheese Meatballs served at the Italian Corner booth.

Of course, the viral food is also my choice in Corndog coated in flour and breadcrumb and fried until golden. Plus with chili sauce, I used to have great memories of my vacation in Korea.

For Malaysian culinary enthusiasts, there is no need to worry because at Penang Street stalls, Nyonya Street, China Town and Gerai Sup, you can find Rojak Buah and Sotong Kangkung at Penang Street stalls. While at the China Town booth, you can enjoy the sumptuous Dim Sum, Chinese Pancake and Mee Wanton which are all delicious.


At Nyonya Street offers delicious Nyonya Laksa while at the Gerai Sup there is Sup Tulang Daging Tetel and Szechuan Crab Meat Soup. This is one of the menus I picked up twice.

The dessert provided is no less impressive. As always, my top choice was the Creme Brule that was mouth-watering melting. In addition, Air Batu Campur Leleh, Ice Cream, Sweet Corn Porridge and various cakes are also provided. Everything is delicious.

For your information, Saturday Hawker Night at the Royale Songket Restaurant, Shah Alam Grand Blue Wave Hotel will be held every Saturday throughout December from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.

With prices from RM34.50 + for children (ages 4 - 12) and RM69.00 + for adults, it is well worth the variety of menus and dishes available.

For more information and reservations, please visit / contact:

Phone No: 03-5511 1833 ext 2723,2724,2606
Email: telemarketing@bluewavehotels.com
Website: www.bluewavehotels.com

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  1. Bahaya masuk sini..semua makanan nampak sedap tu ha..xde ke yang nak ajak review makan2 lagi erk....lama x makan best ni..hahha

  2. next time nak ajak family datang sini, makanan nampak sedap je tu.. apatah lagi yang panas-panas pembuka selera betul!

  3. Adoiii... Sedap betul semua makanan yang ada. Satay tuh menggoda

  4. Menggoda sangat menu dekat hotel ni. Haishhh nanti nak ajak family dtg sinilah.


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