SEANUTS II : Collaboration between FriesLandCampina and UKM


All parents want the best for the kids. Especially when your child is growing up, taking nutritional supplements is important for the growth of the child in order to grow healthy and fit.

In 2011, a Southeast Asian Nutrition Surveys (SEANUT I) led by Professor Dr. Poh Bee Koon from the Faculty of Health Sciences of the National University of Malaysia (UKM) has released and found that children in the region, especially Malaysian children, are still affected by malnutrition. And so, a joint signing ceremony between Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad (DLMI) parent company FrieslandCampina and UKM to launch the start of SEANUTS II.

Results from a survey in Malaysia show that one in five children are overweight or obese, 1 in one in 10 children is obese for their age, 2 and one in 20 children are underweight, 3 are almost half Of children who do not have enough Vitamin D and calcium, 4 and most children between 7 and 12 years of age are physically inactive.

Even more alarming is the finding that, on average, Malaysian children only drink half a cup of milk daily, and only 5% of children actually drink two servings of milk daily, 6 of which are recommended to help them meet their needs. daily calcium and vitamin D.

The results of the SEANUTS I study also translate into healthy eating and lifestyle programs for school children such as DrinkMoveBeStrong, which encourages the consumption of two glasses of milk and one hour of physical activity a day under the government school award program.

DLMI managing director Tarang Gupta said, "Breakfast is the first meal taken after 8 to 12 hours of fasting. The breakfast energizes our body and brain by providing the nutrition we need to carry on with our daily lives."

At the same time, the United Nations (UN) also recognizes milk as a source of sustainable or complete food, helping to prevent non-communicable diseases in adults and children. And as the leading dairy company in Malaysia, the Dutch Lady continues to encourage consumers to have their favorite Malaysian breakfast, such as fried rice, sandwiches or fatty rice with milk for a full breakfast. Since milk contains several micronutrients including calcium and Vitamin D, eating a nutritious breakfast that includes milk helps adults and children meet their daily micronutrients.

The findings from SEANUTS I are important in identifying the nutritional gaps that exist in the region. However, more data is needed to help all stakeholders formulate strategies to address these issues. Therefore, FrieslandCampina and SME today signed an agreement that paved the way for a second study to be conducted, namely SEANUTS II.

Apart from Tarang and Professor Poh, the Memorandum of Understanding was also attended by Professor Dr. Suzana Shahar, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, SME, Professor Dr. Hidayatul Fathi Othman, Deputy Dean (Network & Generation), SME, and Professor Dr Siti Balkis Budin, Deputy Dean (Research and Innovation), UKM, and Panam Parikh, Principal, Global Nutrition Development, FrieslandCampina & Program Coordinator, SEANUTS I & II.

According to Panam, SEANUTS I has been the largest and most comprehensive study of nutrition and health ever conducted in Southeast Asia, where a total of 16,744 children between the ages of six and 12 were studied. Panam said FrieslandCampina worked closely with leading institutes and universities in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, and with SMEs in Malaysia to complete the study in 2011.

For SEANUTS II, the information to be collected is related to nutritional status, growth, food intake, physical activity and biochemical parameters of children aged six months to 12 years. Due to the problem of malnutrition in the region, the survey will focus on gaining insight into protein intake and nutrition, as protein is a critical constituent for the growth and development of children. The results are expected to be available by 2021 and will be used to develop a country's specific intervention methods, strengthen scientific knowledge and support government policy.
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