Parenting is real struggle!


Raising and educating a child is not easy. As a mother to a child I also find it hard to raise a child to be what we want. Who doesn't want the best for his children? So am I.

Who thinks educating a child can be a difficult thing especially as teenagers grow up. The struggle is real. Educating teenagers is not the same as raising children. I as a mother need to be at the same level as her. So that he can tell more easily and make me his best friend. However, talking is not as beautiful as it can be.

One of the things I dreaded when I was educated was that I worried that I could not be a good mother to my child. No matter how much effort I put into it, it still requires two sides, a mother and a daughter to work together to make that dream come true.

That's why in Islam, no matter how bad we are, we are told to pray. Because prayer is a pillar of religion. Without a pillar, then collapse into a mosque or family institution. I'm not very good at religion, but at least I'm trying to be the best at educating kids. When children become teenagers, being angry is no longer an option. There must be other options for educating these teens.

Sometimes over control is not possible. Allowing him to do something out of our control is also good and bad. Because these kids learn from what they see and hear. So I as a mother sometimes get things wrong or I don't.

What I fear most is peer pressure. This is what makes me more careful in raising children. With a good influence, God willing children will be better but if with a bad influence, I worry that things are not going to happen. Moreover, these teenagers are in the process of wanting to know and to try everything.

I always say to Iman, "awak tu sorang je anak mama. Mama takde anak lain dah. Siapa lagi yang mama nak bergantung harap kalau bukan Iman. Nanti mama mati, Iman la yang akan uruskan jenazah mama, Iman la yang kena uruskan semua. Takde orang lain dah."

Do you think that death can be a choice to die next week, to die next year, to die after 100 years? The dead can invite us anytime. Ready or not, it should start from now. Seriously, parenting is a struggle so sometimes I feel like giving up with all of this.

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  1. kita kena sediakan mereka anil.. samalah anak kite pon sowang gak huhu


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