Social Impact Care Social Program with Ginnie Lam & Wang Jackson

Assalammualaikum | 

For the first time, 'Meet the Media Beauty and Charity' event bring together 2 international personalities who will be pooling their celebrities power to attract people to support the program.

The personalities are :

  • Ms Ginnie Lam (Mrs International HK 2014 & Ginn Fairy Queen Korea 2019 who also an International Ambassador for the Korean Government Artistic & Cultural Federation & Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)

  • Mr Jackson Wang (Celebrity Michael Jackson tribute performer recognised officially by the US White House and the Jackson family, and signed Hollywood Artiste to inherit Michael Jackson spirit of charity and performance legacy)

The Ginn Fairy Social Impact Program and the Ginnie Magic Belle Influencer Program are held to unify celebrities, local artists and fans in 'Beauty for Charity' and 'Influencer for Charity'. This program starts with a small lag but it certainly means a real approach to making changes to the lives of orphans who participate in it.

The Social Impact Program Ginnie Lam & Wang Jackson aims to achieve this objective by providing a wonderful gift that will bring a smile on their face. Ms Ginnie Lam argues that the influencer trend among today's social media influences can be a beneficial force if the power on women's rights issues, especially those who have been affected by community-based threats to family institutions such as adolescent pregnancies that cause orphan children and their fate of misery.

With the presence of Wang Jackson, a Michael Jackson celebrity entertainer signed by Hollywood Entertainment Group, who will also support Ginn Fairy Care from Korea to make this social change in a sustainable and sustainable social enterprise.

There'll be a general call to all such organisations to talks to on how we can make the World a better place.

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