Lively and Luxurious Weddings in MAGICA Events & Functions Hall


Enjoy the vibrant weddings at Magica Events & Functions Hall which offers 3 sensational signature halls namely Magica Hall, Classic Hall and Garden Hall and can accommodate up to 7,000 guest at one time.

Located on the 4th floor of the Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall, Magica is a gorgeously designed venue providing premium halls that feature modern  European interior and state of the art facilities.

Each hall also can operate independently with distinctive interior designs to cater the different needs, preference, concepts and events. Stepping into the glorious hall, you will be presented with a beautiful decor like being in heaven.

Each hall presented a different size, concept and specialities with unique and awesome decoration.

Classic Hall - personalise your own space with your own design and decoration. With 12,000 square-feet-space come with built-in stage and decorate entrance.

Garden Hall - perfect hall for intimate event or wedding ceremony. Presented in a forest-like ambience that mimic an outdoor scene emitting tranquility and calmness equipped with a background nature sound-clip of birds chirping and water flowing. A true fairy land waiting for magic to happen

Magica Hall - inspired by Modern European designs, it a signature hall features an extravagant interior with majestic chandeliers, flows of petal-like glass shades and glittery crystal decorations. Able to accommodate up to 3,000 people in buffet setting and 700 people seated

About Magica Events Sdn Bhd

Magica Events Sdn Bhd with origins from northern region, is a leading Malay and Chinese bridal house since 1965. With more than 50 years in the industry, the company introduces its latest hall addition - MAGICA to central Malaysia. Sprawling in a retail space of approx. 36,000 sqft, MAGICA have a selection of halls, suitable for any event, which accommodates up to 7,000 guests at one time.

Plan your special day wisely and get an ideal package suit to your budget, only in Magica Events and Functions Hall, Subang.

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